Sale conditions

Sale Conditions are here shortly resumed in English language, if not full understood and accepted by the Customer please contact our Commercial Service (,, available for any question. Our aim is that Company's sales conditions are fully understood and accepted by the Client: we recognize competent and accept for eventual Client's claims only the Bologna Italian Court Law.


1- All orders received are supervised by the Company's Commercial Team and then accepted in an order confirmation sent to the Client. Technical data, Certificates of Quality of the product (EN 10204-1 or 2,2), prices congruity, safe receipt of down advanced payments or L/c, packaging weight & measure, delivery time for good collection, others, will be clearly stated in our order confirmation to clients. Inrabo Trade is responsible only for the fitting sold and do not accept or reject any claim after sale for modification, misuse, improper use by the clients of the fittings sold. The fitting is sold under the choice and decision responsibility of the client that so fully accept the Inrabo Trade order confirmation.


2- All fittings will be delivered Ex Work Our Factory remises in Bologna, Italy (via del Tornitore 26 Bologna ex work factory - art 1510 cc). Prices must be understood and accepted by the client as Ex Work Bologna Italy.


3- The fittings ordered are always carefully controlled before and packed by Inrabo Trade's organization; eventual claims (no conformity) will be considered and accepted only if received in written form together with date of DDT Invoice, full marking impressed on the item under investigation, pictures and physical fittings for our controls of quality conformity. Inrabo Trade will accept responsibility ONLY for the fittings delivered and sold by Our Company. Any other client claim will not be accepted if the fitting do not belong to Inrabo Trade and if it is received after 10 days from the date of receipt of the goods from the client. Inrabo Trade will process and answer to all claims received in written form and circumstanced by the client. InraboTrade will accept the free of charge substitutions of the missing faulted items only; we will not accepts money claims for damages, wrong use or wrong installation or misuse of the fitting by the client, wrong tech specs of fittings so stated in Our Order confirmation are approved by the client with its order-payment.

4- Follows other sales conditions, delivery terms and client's claims acceptance please feel free to ask us any question (technical or sales conditions). We will do our utmost to provide You with a complete satisfactory answer.

5- Inrabo Trade gives a warranty on the fittings only with no extentions to use, wrong use, physical modification of them. The fittings (all) are single marked for traceability according to the Norm for which are purchased. Traceability of a single fitting is kept on Inrabo Trade's Srl records for 5 years after the date f production and sale. Fittings meet the Norm EN 10021 as well as other products Norms.

6- Inrabo Trade's fittings are manufactured and sold to Clients under the norms EN 10253-1 or Traded under the Norm Ansib16.9 in Astm A 234 WPB STD and meet Directive UE 97-23 Annexe 1 Section 4,3 with Inrabo Trade Certificates EN 10204-1 or 2,2. All special welded products are assembled in conformity with Patended UNI 287-1 for professional welders with MAG technique. Reach Directive: when applicable, Inrabo Trade Srl respect and follow the EEC Directive 1907/2006 and keep it updated.

Inrabo Trade Srl is an Italian-European Manufacturer of pipe fittings EN 10253-1. We Trade others fitting's Norms under our Company Name. We issue EN 10204-1 (11 chemical analysis) or 2,2 Quality Certificates. All fittings manufactured or Traded by Inrabo Trade Srl have the Tech characteristics requested by the client so stated in our order confirmation; Seamless European Made Tube and pipes worked are only UNI 10216-S235 or equivalent with Mill certificate EN 1024-1 or 2,2 (as indicated in the order confirmation).

Fittings according to Norm EN 10253-1 or Ansi B 16.9 in Astm A 234 Wpb STD or EN 1092-1 for flanges. See order confirmation. Other special fittings and materials can be required by the Client, please always refer to Our order confirmation.

7- Payment: Inrabo Trade Srl written order confirmation is understood and accepted by the Client by means of a written confirmation and recept cash of the payment in our Bank; the fitting price (certificates included) must be considered EX Work Inrabo Trade Srl Bologna's premises. Ordinary Packing suitable for Export delivery is usually included in the price unless extraordinary packing requirements that are asked by the Client (please ask before and specify this on your fittings quotation request). Payment (unless otherwise agreed with the Client) must be considered a down payment (or equivalent) that we will confirm received and CASHED in our Bank; no goods fittings will be delivered and collected by the Client if payment is not safely received and cashed by InraboTrade Srl.

8- For any legal question may occour between the Company and the client is competent and recognized by InraboTrade Srl only the Court Law of Bologna Italy.

9- 9- For any legal question may occour between the Company and the client is competent and recognized by InraboTrade Srl only the Court Law of Bologna Italy.

Here find listed some Norm followed by Inrabo Trade Srl in its activity

  • European standards 10253
  • Directive 9723 UE I sez4.3
  • Directive 200195CE
  • Other specific product norms as required and agreed with the customer
  • DL 1962003
  • DL 1352009
  • Reach: Inrabo Trade srl is conform with the EEC regulation 1907/2006 and keeps updated the list of dangerous substances SVHC