IN.RA.BO. TRADE is a company specialised in the production and sale of fittings for welding, pipes, bends, reduced bends, flat and neck flanges, “T” pieces, concentric and eccentric reductions, heads and dished heads, shoes and saddles, steel couplings for welding and other products such as forged threaded fittings or fittings for welding in ASTM A105 steel specific for pressure systems, and therefore suitable for all major sectors requiring the use of our products:

  • Fire protection networks
  • Oil pipelines
  • Aqueducts
  • Civilian and industrial sewer systems
  • Geotechnics sector
  • Water treatment
  • Gas pipelines
  • Industrial steam plants
  • Heating lines
  • Irrigation systems
  • Silencing systems/plants

All products are made with certified materials and meet international standards.
IN.RA.BO. TRADE has a large warehouse capable of rapidly meeting any requirement.